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The Twice team
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Secondhand never looked so good.

Save up to 90% on J.Crew, Coach, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic,
Gap and over 500 of your favorite brands.

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Sell & get a Target GiftCard

Twice is excited to offer Target GiftCards as a payment
option for a limited time. Learn more
Brands you love
at prices you can’t resist
Trade in your gift cards
For a limited time, trade in your gift cards from major
retailers in exchange for Twice store credit.
Now for men
Get your favorite brands like Levi’s, Banana Republic,
J.Crew and more — at up to 90% off.
Ready to sell?
Cash in your closet with Twice. We make selling as easy as shopping. Typical sellers earn over $50.
Watch & learn
see how Twice works in 90 seconds
Store credit bonus
Earn 25% more in store credit when you sell
Get an extra 25% bonus when you choose to get paid in store credit. Sell more. Earn more.
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