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- The Twice Team
Our Story

Twice was founded by Noah Ready-Campbell and Calvin Young (handsome smiles to the right). They both grew up in families where money was tight, and mostly wore secondhand clothes as kids. Calvin didn't even get his first new piece of clothing until sixth grade — a pair of zip-off cargo pants. (His fashion sense hasn't improved.)

After working together at Google, the two set off to build a company, and after a few months of tinkering, they came up with Twice. They didn't know much about fashion, but after showing their prototype to a few friends, they knew they were onto something. They hired Erica Setness as Head Buyer to bring some fashion expertise to the team, and Twice officially launched in March 2012. We've since grown to over 150 people, and we're headquartered in the heart of San Francisco. Oh, and we're hiring!

How Does Twice Work?
Clean Out Your Closet
Download a free shipping label, or request a free shipping bag to send us your items. We're the easiest way to clean out your closet, and you'll even earn a few bucks while doing it.
Let Us Do The Work
Once we receive your items, we carefully review, measure, and professionally photograph every piece. You get paid upfront, plus we pay for shipping — it's basically the easiest thing ever.
We Ship Like-New To You
We take the very best stuff we receive, ensure it's in excellent condition, and sell it for up to 90% off retail. Our top brands are labels like J.Crew, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, and more. Take a peek!
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The Twice Team