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The Twice team
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Print out a free shipping label and
clean out your closet in 15 minutes.
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How much can you earn?
Earn up to
Sorry, we don’t accept these brands
We have a hard time reselling lower-priced brands like Walmart, H+M, Forever 21,
Old Navy or Aéropostale, so unfortunately we can’t buy them.

Try sending us items from other brands to earn the best payout.
View accepted brands
Brands like Walmart, H+M,
Forever 21 and Old Navy
Brands like Gap, American
Eagle and Express
Brands like J.Crew, Banana
Republic and Levi's
Brands like Coach, Rag & Bone, Kate Spade and J Brand
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Please note that these payout ranges are estimates, and your actual payout may vary. View all brand payouts.
How it works
Learn how to sell to Twice in 90 seconds. Watch our video
Clean out
Earn more by following our easy ABC’s: Age (less than 5 years old), Brand (full list here) and Condition (what you’d give to a friend).
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Print a prepaid shipping label, package your items and ship it to Twice. Go ahead and purge your closet — the shipping is free!
Get paid
Get paid via store credit (with a 25% bonus), check, PayPal, Venmo or Target GiftCard. Or reject your offer and get it back for just $4.95 shipping.
Payout calculator
This table provides estimated payouts for individual items. Your final payout may vary. View our full list of accepted brands
Get a Target GiftCard
Twice is excited to offer Target GiftCards as a payment option for a limited time. Sell your gently used items to Twice and opt to receive a Target GiftCard!
The Bullseye Design, Target and Target GiftCards are registered trademarks of Target Brands, Inc. Terms and conditions are applied to Gift Cards. Target is not a participating partner in or sponsor of this offer.
What others are saying
All you have to do is print out a free shipping label and then ship off all of your used items … You simply wait for a check in the mail. I just don’t have the manpower to list all of this stuff online and then pack and ship that many boxes, so this really is the next best thing.
Selling to Twice is easy. They cover all of the shipping, so sell as much as you want! I LOVE that all of this can be done from home! Selling bags, shipping labels, return labels, everything is sent to YOU!
Twice takes virtually all effort out of selling your items. Simply clean out your closet, mail in your stuff (they pay for shipping) and accept their payment in the form of your preference (Venmo, check, PayPal, store credit).

Clean out & cash in

Print out a free shipping label and
clean out your closet in 15 minutes.
Store credit bonus
Earn 25% more in store credit when you sell
Get an extra 25% bonus when you choose to get paid in store credit. Sell more. Earn more.
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